Word Office 2016 Ultimate basics for beginners

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01 November 2020
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Simply, you will upgrade your skills in Word Microsoft Office

This course was designed for :

  • Students or any person that want to do freelancing jobs using word office
  • Work from home virtual assistant  
  • Any individual that would like to upgrade his word office skills
  • Anyone wants to prepare for learning html5 and css 3 [ building websites ]
  • College student that is preparing a research paper using word office

What you’ll learn

  • In Chapter1 students will learn how to use every text styling tool , differentiate between text types , using paragraph styling tools
  • Do not miss out the hashtags for EXTRA tutorials
  • you would be able to add lists ,headings , titles
  • bold , underline , italic , text typography
  • add borders , Subscript , super script
  • choose font type , color , shading
  • set text type and highlight texts
  • align texts , intend lines or pragraphs
  • use ruler , grid-lines , navigation pane
  • markup texts , copy , paste , cut , format painter

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Gearuper spirit [curious learner ,hard worker ]
  • you should be able to open word office

Who this course is for:

  • Any one wants to upgrade his word office skills
  • any college student looking for freelancing jobs

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